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Jazz Turns Collection Bundle is now $262.40 (regularly $328).


Here's What Is Included in the Jazz Turns Bundle:

Learn The “Hows” and “Whys” to Execute Correct Form

We will help you build a solid dance foundation by understanding and executing proper placement and muscle engagement for each turn in this course.

Helping You Build A Foundation For Success

We will teach you balancing techniques, how to spot, tips and tricks, and three core jazz turns:

  • Chaîné turns
  • Piqué turns
  • Single pirouettes.

5 Lessons with Step-By-Step Instruction

We break down the technique so you will be able to master the 14 exercises, center-floor and across-the-floor combos at the completion of this course.


Refine and Expand Your Skills

Build on the skills you learned in Level 1 with more advanced turns.

Learn 6 Intermediate Turns

  • Double pirouettes
  • Inside pirouettes
  • Coupé turns
  • Pencil turns
  • Intro to fouetté turns
  • Intro to à la seconde turns

8 Lessons + 23 Combos and Exercises

These detailed lessons include: step-by-step instruction on body placement and engagement, including execution of center floor and across-the-floor combos and balancing exercises.

Get the results you want with any turn, any time, anywhere. 

Learn insights and tricks that will help you push beyond your limits as a dancer to become a successful turner.

Learn 7 Advanced Turns

Learn and practice:

  • À la seconde turns
  • Fouetté turns
  • Attitude turns
  • Tabletop and pencil turns
  • Around the world à la secondes
  • Leg hold turns en dedans (inside)
  • Leg hold turn en dehors (outside)
  • Tips and tricks

8 Lessons + 37 Combos and Exercises

These detailed lessons encourage the full body connections and proper mechanics required for successful turns with conditioning exercises, center-floor combos, and across-the-floor combos.

Learn How to “Turn Out of Skill and Not Out of Luck" 

These elite lessons build and guide you in your quest to understand the enhanced body awareness needed to be a consistent turner.

Learn 7 Elite-level Turn Sequences

Learn and practice:

  • Reverse around the world à la secondes
  • Spotters
  • Floats
  • Forced arch pirouettes
  • Coupé into pencil turns
  • Pencil pirouette switching spots
  • Elite pirouettes into a jump leap
  • Tips and tricks 

Refine Your Skills with 8 Lessons and 31 Combos + Exercises

Continue to explore specific layering of conditioning exercises, center floor exercises, and across-the-floor combos that lead to turn mastery.

Are you ready for an overhaul of your turns or how you teach them? Let's go!

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