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Here's What Is Included in the Jazz Leaps + Jumps Bundle:

Learn the “Hows” and “Whys” for Proper Execution

This course includes detailed instruction and a proper breakdown for each leap or jump, helping you understand not only the “hows” but the “whys” of correct form. 

Understand Detail for Exact Technique. Gain Strength and Confidence.

With practice and focus on proper placement, these lessons will serve as a foundation for more complex skills and help build a stronger physical base.

Learn 7 Foundational Leaps + Jumps in Preparation for More Advanced Technique

By the end of this course (and with some practice), you will understand how to execute seven leaps and jumps that will serve as a foundation for more complex skills, including:

  • Saut de chat
  • Grand jete
  • Side leap
  • Toe touch
  • Tuck jump
  • C jump
  • Surprise leap


Apply your enhanced understanding of form and execution to reach new heights.

This Level 2 course will call upon your newly mastered skills to explore more complex leaps and jumps. As always, each lesson will break down the details of the movements--so you not only understand the action, but the reason for the form.

Learn. Practice. Excel.

As you introduce new movements into your repertoire, the instructor will guide you with practice prompts. You’ll learn how to make your practice more productive, increasing your gains. Take as much or as little time as you need to achieve each leap or jump, and repeat until the technique is comfortable before progressing to the next.

Add 7 new leaps and jumps to your repertoire as you level up.

  • Cross leap

  • Tilt jump

  • Renversé

  • Sauté split jump

  • Firebird

  • Turning axel jump

  • Single stag/Calypso leap

  • Drills for higher jumps
  • Course completion certificate (available upon request)
  • Tips and Tricks

Push Your Limits with Every Lesson.

Level 3 Leaps and Jumps will force you out of your comfort zone—empowering you to break through those doubts to become the dancer you’re meant to be. You’ll add poise and boldness to your performance, as you continue to advance as a technician.

Insightful exercises and challenging combos for flawless execution

This course is packed with step-by-step details on correct form and technique. As you practice each leap or jump, you’ll come to understand the underlying principles to make your movements look effortless.

Master 8 advanced leaps and jumps in bite-sized lessons.

Our go-at-your-own-pace format enables every dancer to maximize their time and gains. By setting your own pace, you can access each lesson as much or as little as you need to gain proficiency in advancing your leaps and jumps. You will learn and practice: 

  • Backwards Hook Jump
  • Butterfly Jump
  • Turning C Jump
  • Turning Deer Jump
  • Back Leap
  • Firebird Leap
  • Switch Front Leap
  • Switch Arabesque Leap

More strength means more power.

This course is designed to help you build elite muscle strength and coordination so you can defy expectations. You’ll refine your technique as you practice each movement, and finish with a stronger mind/body connection.

Focus on transitions for polished execution.

Elite level leaps and jumps applies the advanced skills you’ve learned to enrich your execution and streamline transitions. By the end of this course, you’ll have an enhanced understanding of the movements so you can polish your performance.

Prepare to amaze with 8 elite level leaps and jumps.

You’ll finish this course with the confidence and expertise to execute each elite-level leap and jump with finesse. There is power in challenging yourself and pride in the accomplishment of it. You’ll leave with both, and the skills to back it up.

Learn and practice with exercises and combos the following leaps and jumps: 

  • Hook jump
  • Spinning disc
  • Switch tilt
  • Cross firebird leap
  • Ninja split jump
  • Axel saut de chat
  • Turning saut de chat
  • Double stag leap

Are you ready for an overhaul of your leaps and jumps or how you teach them? Let's go!

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