If you are looking to elevate you or your dancers' edge in the industry while increasing overall strength and agility in technique, our Dance Tricks Bundle is a great addition! This collection includes Dance Tricks Courses 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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SOAR PACKAGE: Jazz Turns and Leaps + Jumps Bundles

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 Unlimited access gives you:

Jazz Turns Bundle:

  • LEVEL 1: Foundational Jazz Turns Course

  • LEVEL 2: Intermediate Jazz Turns Course

  • LEVEL 3: Advanced Jazz Turns Course

  • LEVEL 4: Elite Jazz Turns Course

  • Instruction for a total of: 23 turns, 29 lessons, and 105 exercises/combos

Leaps + Jumps Bundle 

  • LEVEL 1: Foundational Jazz Leaps + Jumps Course

  • LEVEL 2: Intermediate Jazz Leaps + Jumps Course

  • LEVEL 3: Advanced Jazz Leaps + Jumps Course

  • LEVEL 4: Elite Jazz Leaps + Jumps Course

  • Instruction for: 30 leaps and jumps, 30 lessons, and 114 exercises and combos.

All courses include:

  • Each course comes with a downloadable guide to track your progress

  • Unlimited replays of each course that never expires

  • A course completion certificate for each level (available upon request)

What People Are Saying:

“My daughter loves the intermediate jazz turns course. We live in a rural area and are so grateful you have these resources. Even when our studio opens back up I plan on continuing to supplement her dance training with your materials.”

L. Foster

“Dance Labs is simply amazing! I can't say enough great things about this program, it is a life changer for dancers! Dance is an escape for my girls and during the pandemic it has helped my dancers do what they love, straight from our home! If you don't have this program for your dancer, buy it you will absolutely love it!!”

Alecia B.

“Joelle is "The Turn Whisperer."”

Mauren N.

“I bought Joelle's modules for turns on Dance Labs, as a teacher and instructor. Joelle is a turning magician. I have been wanting some new ideas on how I can help my dancers achieve greater success in their turns and that is exactly what I found. I am planning on incorporating some of her exercises into my technique classes and I am so grateful that I have it accessible on video to refer to anytime.”

Brittany N.

“Dance Labs Turns Courses are a concise and effective training tool for both dancers and instructors. Joelle is thorough and thoughtful in her instruction without overcomplicating things. It is obvious that her years as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer have helped her hone in on some of the precise techniques needed for a dancer to execute a large variety of turns with accuracy and ease. Anyone who has watched her students turn instantly appreciates the evidence of her mastery. As a teacher myself, it is so nice to be able to learn from other teachers and I am always so grateful for fellow teachers who share their insight and knowledge. I look forward to more from Dance Labs and Joelle!”

Holly S.

I am a dance teacher, I have a degree in dance, won a national championship and still this course was amazing for me! It has great technical information and combo exercises that can be immediately applied in class. I will definitely be buying more levels to help me be the best teacher that I can be so that my dancers can reach there full potential. I had such an amazing experience with Dance Labs and I would definitely recommend this course for dance teachers and dance students!

Erica B.