Learn to Execute Any Trick, Anytime, Anywhere with the Advanced Course

Learn (or teach) new skills with this on-demand hip-hip tricks course, which never expires.


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LEVEL 3: Advanced Hip-Hop Course with Personalized Feedback is only $67.

Shake Your Nerves and Master Complex Hip-Hop Tricks

Build on the skills you learned in Level 2 and gain confidence (and strength) for executing more advanced hip-hop tricks.

Master Tricks with Personalized Feedback

Included with your course is two rounds of personalized video feedback for up to four tricks to help you master your new skills.

Learn 8 Advanced Hip-Hop Tricks

Learn and practice: Russian, rubberband, rotating rubberbands, aerial twist, swipe roll down, barrel tuck, headspring to a sitting position, and a headspring twist.

Ready to take your hip-hop skills to a new level?

LEVEL 3: Advanced Hip-Hop Tricks Course with Personalized Feedback is only $67.


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