Build A Strong Dance Foundation With Proper Jazz Turns Technique

Learn The "Whys" And "Hows" with our Foundational Jazz Turns Course.


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LEVEL 1: Foundational Jazz Turns Course is now only $47.

Understand Proper Placement and Muscle Engagement

We will help you build a solid dance foundation by understanding and executing proper placement and muscle engagement for each turn in this course.


Helping You Build a Foundation for Success

We will teach you balancing techniques, how to spot, and three core jazz turns: chaîné turns, piqué turns, and single pirouettes.

5 Lessons with Step-By-Step Instruction

We break down the technique so you will be able to master the 14 exercises, center-floor and across-the-floor combos at the completion of this course.

Ready to develop the skills needed to become an epic turner?

For only $47 you can learn proper technique and build a solid foundation for your jazz turns. And with a solid foundation in dance you can do anything.


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