Refine and Expand Your Dance Skills with Intermediate Jazz Turns

Continue building a strong dance foundation with this course that never expires.


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LEVEL 2: Intermediate Jazz Turns Course is only $57.

Refine and Expand Your Skills

Build on the skills you learned in Level 1 with more advanced turns.

Learn 6 Intermediate Turns

You will learn and practice: double pirouettes, inside pirouettes, coupé turns, pencil turns, and an intro to fouetté and à la seconde turns.

8 Lessons. 23 Combos + Exercises.

These detailed lessons include: step-by-step instruction on body placement and engagement, including execution of center floor and across-the-floor combos and balancing exercises.

Are you ready to master your turns?

For only $57 you can refine your technique and expand your skills to execute intermediate jazz turns. And with a solid foundation in dance you can do anything.


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