Learn How To “Turn Out Of Skill And Not Out Of Luck”

Gain enhanced body awareness and learn to be a consistent with LEVEL 4: Elite Jazz Turns Course.


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LEVEL 4: Elite Jazz Turns Course is $77.

Learn how to “turn out of skill and not out of luck"

These elite lessons build and guide you in your quest to understand the enhanced body awareness needed to be a consistent turner.

Learn 7 Elite-level Turn Sequences

Learn and practice: reverse around the world à la seconde, spotters, floats, forced arch pirouettes, coupé into pencil turns, pencil turns switching spots, elite pirouettes into a jump leap.

Refine your skills with 8 lessons and 31 combos + exercises

Continue to explore specific layering of conditioning exercises, center floor exercises, and across-the-floor combos that lead to turn mastery.

Ready to become the consistent turner you've always wanted to be? Let's go!

LEVEL 4: Elite Jazz Turns Course for $77.


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