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Here's What is Included in the Hip-Hop Tricks Bundle:

Learn The “Hows” and “Whys” to Execute Correct Form

Build a strong technical foundation and a stronger physical base through focus on proper technique and safe execution. Unlimited access to this course will prepare you for more complex tricks.


Learn 7 Foundational Hip-Hop Tricks

  • Kip Up
  • Headspring
  • K-stall
  • Pike stall
  • Running floor stall
  • Jumping Handstand
  • James Brown


Build Strength And Master Execution for More Advanced Skills

Build on your skills mastery from Level 1 to learn more challenging tricks. You'll finish with intermediate skills necessary to take on advanced Hip-Hop tricks.

Learn 8 Intermediate Hip-Hop Tricks

  • No-handed forward roll kip up
  • Stall spring over
  • One-handed stall spring
  • Side sumi
  • Roundoff to a pancake
  • Headstand to springover
  • Death drop
  • Rainbow

Learn to Execute Any Trick, Anytime, Anywhere with the Advanced Course

Build on the skills you learned in Level 2 and gain confidence (and strength) for executing more advanced hip-hop tricks.


Learn 8 Advanced Hip-Hop Tricks

  • Russian
  • Rubberband
  • Rotating rubberbands
  • Aerial twist
  • Swipe roll down
  • Barrel tuck
  • Headspring to a sitting position
  • Headspring twist


Train anytime, anywhere with our courses. You can view it online or on our app. Our app is available for Apple and Android devices.


"Dance Labs is a complete game changer. As a studio owner and dancer from way back, technique and tricks have changed so much since I was a student. Dance Labs gives us access to the most up to date technique, tricks, leaps, turns, all of it! We use the tutorials in all levels. The "drills for skills" are invaluable. It's one thing to explain a move, it's another to show a student what to do to make it their best! I am so grateful I found Dance Labs. We are your biggest fans!! Thanks for putting such great knowledge and positivity out into the dance world."

Kate U.

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