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Hip-Hop Tricks Collection Bundle is only $160.80 (regularly $201).


Here's What is Included in the Hip-Hop Tricks Bundle:

Learn The “Hows” and “Whys” to Execute Correct Form

Build a strong technical foundation and a stronger physical base through focus on proper technique and safe execution. Unlimited access to this course will prepare you for more complex tricks.


Learn 7 Foundational Hip-Hop Tricks

  • Kip Up
  • Headspring
  • K-stall
  • Pike stall
  • Running floor stall
  • Jumping Handstand
  • James Brown


Build Strength And Master Execution for More Advanced Skills

Build on your skills mastery from Level 1 to learn more challenging tricks. You'll finish with intermediate skills necessary to take on advanced Hip-Hop tricks.

Learn 8 Intermediate Hip-Hop Tricks

  • No-handed forward roll kip up
  • Stall spring over
  • One-handed stall spring
  • Side sumi
  • Roundoff to a pancake
  • Headstand to springover
  • Death drop
  • Rainbow

Learn to Execute Any Trick, Anytime, Anywhere with the Advanced Course

Build on the skills you learned in Level 2 and gain confidence (and strength) for executing more advanced hip-hop tricks.


Learn 8 Advanced Hip-Hop Tricks

  • Russian
  • Rubberband
  • Rotating rubberbands
  • Aerial twist
  • Swipe roll down
  • Barrel tuck
  • Headspring to a sitting position
  • Headspring twist

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