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Whether you’re a dancer or a dance educator, this Dance Tricks Bundle is 4 levels of step-by-step expert instruction designed to help you (or your students):

  • master the latest and greatest dance tricks
  • improve form, flexibility, and muscle memory
  • conquer strength-building + balance techniques
  • achieve quick, seamless transitions 
  • feel confident executing more intense tricks

Ready to learn new and impressive ways to let your inner dancer out?


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Here’s What You Will Learn:

Build a Stong Physical Foundation

You’ll focus on the basics as our expert instructor takes you through targeted exercises to build muscle memory and agility for more complex moves.

Start Growing Your Tricks Knowledge

As you gain strength and stamina, you’ll be introduced to basic tricks like chin stands, shoot outs and a variety of rolls and leaps.

From the Ground ... Up

Your instructor will guide you through the proper technique and form for each move, so you can safely build into more advanced combinations later on. Learn 7 tricks, including:

  • Chin Stand
  • Cartwheel to the Floor
  • Double Stag Floor Leap
  • Shoulder Roll
  • Elbow Cartwheel
  • Handstand Chest Roll Down
  • Arched Suspended Cartwheel

Flex Your Muscles

These more complex movements will challenge you both mentally and physically, as you continue building the stability to hold positions longer.

Get Creative 

As your skill in supporting and transitioning your body weight increases, you’ll learn more difficult tricks like back bends, switch tuck splits, and hand spins.

Step by Step 

Rest assured, as the difficulty level increases, your expert instructor will continue supporting you with tips and visual cues to master each move with grace. Learn 8 tricks, including:

  • Chest Cartwheel
  • Shoot Out
  • Extended Floor Leap
  • Shoulder Cartwheel into Shoulder Stand
  • Headstand Cartwheel
  • Reverse Illusion Tuck Split 
  • Elbow Stall with Leg Variations
  • Side Aerial

Boost Your Confidence

As you progress through the intermediate/advanced dance tricks course, you'll notice an increase in form, flexibility, and muscle memory that will increase your confidence in executing more intense tricks.

Unlock Your Potential

Step into a bolder you as you learn to express yourself in increasingly magnificent and creative ways. From 360 degree hand spins to split firebird rolls--you'll master new and impressive ways to let your inner dancer out.

Gain Strength in Leaps and Bounds

Multi-step tricks require quick, clean transitions and a strong body and mind. As you repeat the sequences at your own pace, you'll continue increasing the strength and efficiency of movement needed to shine on stage. Learn 8 tricks, including:

  • Toe Rise to Backbend Kickover
  • Penche Backbend Swing Through
  • Forward Worm To Straddle
  • One-Handed Cartwheel Swing Through
  • Split Firebird Roll
  • Elbow Stand Around the World
  • Windmill into Chest Roll Down
  • 360 Degree Hand Spin

Strength Fosters Versatility

You’ve conquered strength-building techniques and practiced your balance. Now it’s time to put those skills to the test with mid-air transitions, surprise landings and creative combinations.

Put Your Confidence to the Test

Prepare to inspire as you learn advanced multi-step movements, including aerial variations, back walkovers and roll-downs, along with the technique for seamless transitions.

Form, Meet Function

With persistent practice and attention to detail, you’ll finish this course positioned to ‘wow’ any audience with skillful dance trick execution. Learn 7 tricks, including: 

  • Valdez 
  • Spider into a Spider Scissor Whack 
  • Reverse Illusion into Step Aerial 
  • Standing Punch Aerial 
  • Back Walkover into a Chest Roll Down 
  • Back Walkover Half Rotation into a Front Walkover
  • Helicopter Cartwheel


Each of our 4 courses can be purchased individually, allowing you to try one or more levels out and elevate the exact skills you need right now!

"Dance Labs provides amazing courses which helped me a lot in improving not only my technique in jazz dance, but also many more inspirations for doing daily exercises. I'm growing every single day and understanding better the concept and the knowledge. Finding courses like this in Indonesia is really hard, so I'm really thankful for Dance labs to have provided such an amazing opportunity for everyone to learn and progress. The combos are great, the explanation of each technique is really detailed and easy to digest. Thank you so much."

- Olivia G.

"Thank you again for offering these classes. Even though my daughter takes dance, she’s also having her very first competition this weekend, she is not at the studio every day for hrs like most of her dance peers. We just financially can't do that. It's really nice to have these classes that she can take on her own time/weekend with high-quality instruction."

Celena R.

"Love the Leaps and Jumps collection! I saw improvement in my girl almost immediately."

- Debbie C.

"I love your courses, as they are giving me great new verbiage to use to describe movements to my dancers as well as great combos to try with new ideas for movement variations. Thanks so much!"

- Andrea D.


Kayla Bagshaw

Kayla Bagshaw, a multi-time award-winning dancer, choreographer, coach, and studio owner, also holds a B.F.A. in Dance Performance. Kayla’s detailed lessons will guide you in achieving full body connections and proper mechanics for successful tricks. Her enthusiasm for dance is contagious and she is known for her thorough and fantastic breakdown of technique and her challenging combinations.

McKenna Lynch

Award-winning dancer and choreographer McKenna Lynch teaches all styles of dance. She has a unique talent for Acro tricks and contortion training and loves incorporating them both into dance! McKenna leverages her exceptional grasp of body mechanics and flexibility to give her students the edge as they learn and master complex dance tricks. She loves helping dancers see their potential and break through barriers to become their very best.


The course includes 5+ hours of professional-quality training videos, 30 lessons, course guides, course completion certificates, and exercises and combos to help you master a variety of tricks, from a Chin Stand to a Standing Punch Aerial!

This course is designed for dancers and dance educators. This course focuses on specific skills to help dancers learn tricks properly in bite-sized segments, with a breakdown of each skill, and practice cues. Plus, we incorporate exercises to help build strength and enhance flexibility. Finally, these tricks are incorporated into combos for dancers to practice seamless transitions in and out of choreography.  

Dance teachers and coaches also love our courses because they give new ideas on how to teach these skills with new exercises and combos. 

If you’re in it for a complete tricks transformation, the Dance Tricks Bundle is right up your alley. This course series is all about pushing out of your comfort zone and taking risks. With the bundle, you’ll gain access to all 4 levels of expert instruction on mastering the form, balance, strength and agility required to execute the latest and greatest dance tricks.

The technical requirements for these courses are:

Level 1: Foundational Dance Tricks-

  •  Push up to a bridge hold for 8 seconds
  •  Backbend
  •  Standing cartwheel
  •  Running power cartwheel
  •  Handstand up, hold for 3 seconds
  •  Forward roll
  •  Back roll

Level 2: Intermediate Dance Tricks-

  •  Hold handstand for three seconds
  •  8 second headstand balance
  •  Right and left cartwheels
  •  Fall to backend
  •  Backbend kick over
  •  Handstand fall over to a bridge
  •  Handstand lift one hand up and put it back down
  •  Elbowstand hold for 8 seconds

Level 3: Intermediate/Advanced Dance Tricks-

  •  Back walkover
  •  One-handed cartwheel
  •  Flat splits on one side, arch and bend one leg up to head
  •  Handstand with walking hands
  •  Handstand controlled chest roll down
  •  8 second elbow stand balance

Level 4: Advanced Dance Tricks-

  •  Handstand hold for 6 seconds
  •  Headstand hold with alternating leg variations
  •  Front walkover starting with either leg
  •  Front walkover starting with back leg off the ground
  •  Back walkover starting with either leg
  •  Back walkover starting with leg off the ground
  •  Side aerial

You can watch the course on-demand in our course portal online. Or you can access the course through our Dance Labs app, available in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Once the course is available, you will have unlimited access to all course content--it never expires. In addition, you will have access to any course updates.

You’re on your way to ultimate dance tricks success!

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