Gain Insights. Learn Secrets So You Can Execute Any Turn, Anytime, Anywhere.

Step-up your turn game with this course--learn 7 advanced turns.


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LEVEL 3: Advanced Jazz Turns Course is only $87


Get the results you want with any turn, any time, anywhere. 

Learn insights and tricks that will help you push beyond your limits as a dancer to become a successful turner.

Learn 7 Advanced Turns

Learn and practice: à la seconde turns, fouetté turns, attitude turns, tabletop and pencil turns, around the world à la secondes, and leg hold turns (en dedans and en dehors).

8 Lessons. 37 Combos + Exercises.

These detailed lessons encourage the full body connections and proper mechanics required for successful turns.

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Learn 7 Foundational Leaps + Jumps in Preparation for More Advanced Technique

In this course you will learn:

  • Saut de chat
  • Grand jete
  • Side leap
  • Toe touch
  • Tuck jump
  • C jump
  • Surprise leap


Train anytime, anywhere with our courses. You can view it online or on our app. Our app is available for Apple and Android devices.


Joelle Banford

Joelle is a renowned instructor for her unique approach to turn technique. She focuses on training the whole dancer, which helps dancers build deeper body awareness and powerful mind and body connections. Her goal is to help you become a consistent turner so you can execute any turn, anytime, anywhere. Joelle teaches our Level 3: Advanced Turns and Level 4: Elite Turns Courses.


The course includes:

  • Warm-up
  • À la seconde turns
  • Fouetté turns
  • Attitude turns
  • Tabletop and pencil turns
  • Around the world à la secondes
  • Leg hold turns en dedans (inside)
  • Leg hold turn en dehors (outside)
  • Tips and tricks

This course is designed for dancers and dance educators. This course focuses on specific skills to help dancers learn proper technique in bit-sized segments, with a breakdown of each skill, and practice cues. Plus, we incorporate the skills with other movements through exercises and combos. Dancers should have mastered skills from Level 2 before taking this course.

Dance teachers and coaches also love our courses because they give new ideas on how to teach these skills with new exercises and advanced combos. 

These detailed lessons encourage the full-body connections and proper mechanics required for successful turns. You’ll learn insights and tricks that will help you push beyond your limits as a dancer. Practicing the lessons taught in this course will give you an enhanced understanding of your body, so you can get the results you want with any turn, anytime, anywhere. 

Once you have purchased the course you will have unlimited access to all course content--it never expires. In addition, you will have access to any course updates.

"Just bought all of your courses and I'm OBSESSED!!! Thank you, thank you!"

Margeaux M.

"The turns classes I have been able to take online have been such a game-changer! Joelle is the best at teaching because she explains in detail and shows exactly what to practice. I love having these videos to go back and watch as many times as I need. I also have loved doing these in the privacy of my own home at any time. It's been nice to be working on turns when my schedule allows it. Thank you so much for this program!"

Auxury S.

"Dance Labs is simply amazing! I can't say enough great things about this program, it is a life changer for dancers! Dance is an escape for my girls and during the pandemic it has helped my dancers do what they love, straight from our home! If you don't have this program for your dancer, buy it you will absolutely love it!!"

Alicia B.

Ready to push your limits as a dancer? Let's do it!

Enroll in our LEVEL 3: Advanced Jazz Turns Course.


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