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Our competition-savvy instructor, Kayla, breaks it down so you don’t have to. Our comprehensive course includes detailed guidance on form, placement and muscle engagement, so you’ll finish with the expertise to wow every audience.

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Military technique requires precision, synchronization, and a lot of practice. We’ve got you covered with detailed visual and verbal cues to help you master each movement from the foundation up. So, you’ll not only leave with the confidence to perform military with precision, but with an elevated understanding of dance fundamentals.

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Uniquely designed to meet you where you’re at—this course enables on-demand coaching and practice on your schedule. So, mastering the military technique your team requires is as easy as warming up, and pressing play.

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Kayla Bagshaw

Kayla Bagshaw, a multi-time award-winning dancer, choreographer, drill team coach, and studio owner, also holds a B.F.A. in Dance Performance. In this training, Kayla’s detailed lessons will guide you to understand and perfect the precise details for of military technique. Her passion for Military is contagious and she is known for her thorough and fantastic breakdown of technique and her challenging combinations.



The course includes:

  • 60+ minutes of professional-quality training videos
  • A course guide to track your progress
  • Exercises and combos to help you master the following skills:
    • Basic Military Body Placement
    • Basic Military Arm Angles
    • A Beginner's Guide to a Drill Down:
      • Part 1 - Basic Commands
      • Part 2 - By the Numbers
      • Part 3 - Tips + Tricks
    • Various Marching Styles
    • Military Stalls (Levels 1 – 3)
    • Military Combo Practice (Levels 1 – 3)

Plus, you will receive:

  • Tips + Tricks
  • Course completion certificate (available upon request)

This Military Technique Course is designed for drill team coaches, team members, and perspective team members. This course focuses on the details of Military to help dancers learn proper technique in bit-sized segments, with a breakdown of each skill, and practice cues. In addition, skills are taught in proper order building upon each other, and we put these skills together to learn combinations and practice a Drill Down. These exercises and combos will push your abilities, and help you refine your Military Technique. There is no prerequisite for this course.

Dance teachers and coaches also love our courses because they give new ideas on how to teach these skills with new exercises and combos.

If you are focused on learning or improving your Military Technique, then this course is for you! We have designed a course for drill team coaches and team members to help master every element of “Military Technique” with confidence. By the end of this course will be able to execute correct military technique by learning proper placement and muscle engagement for various arm angles, marching styles and stalls while executing these steps in a variety of center floor combos. You will also gain the proper knowledge for drill downs and how to effectively practice for a drill down.

Once you have purchased the course you will have unlimited access to all course content--it never expires. In addition, you will have access to any course updates.

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