Gain Insights. Learn Secrets So You Can Execute Any Turn, Anytime, Anywhere.

Step-up your turn game with this course--learn 7 advanced turns.


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LEVEL 3: Advanced Jazz Turns Course is only $67.

Get the results you want with any turn, any time, anywhere.

Learn insights and tricks that will help you push beyond your limits as a dancer to become a successful turner.

Learn 7 Advanced Turns

Learn and practice: à la seconde turns, fouetté turns, attitude turns, tabletop and pencil turns, around the world à la secondes, and leg hold turns (en dedans and en dehors).

8 Lessons. 37 Combos + Exercises.

These detailed lessons encourage the full body connections and proper mechanics required for successful turns.

Ready to push your limits as a dancer? Let's do it!

LEVEL 3: Advanced Jazz Turns Course for only $67.


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