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LEVEL 3: Advanced Hip-Hop Course only $87


Shake Your Nerves and Master Complex Hip-Hop Tricks

Build on the skills you learned in Level 2 and gain confidence (and strength) for executing more advanced hip-hop tricks.

Master Tricks with a Guided Path for Success

The skills in this course build upon one another to ensure you are ready to take on the next trick safely.

Learn 8 Advanced Hip-Hop Tricks

Learn and practice: Russian, rubberband, rotating rubberbands, aerial twist, swipe roll down, barrel tuck, headspring to a sitting position, and a headspring twist.

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Nicole Quesenberry

Nicole Quesenberry specializes in a variety of dance styles, including jazz, hip-hop, ballet, pom, lyrical, tap, tumbling, military, and ballroom. Now a fourth-year instructor with Precision Dance Camps and head coach of Pleasant Grove High School’s drill team, Nicole continues to share her love of dance through teaching. You'll see in Nicole's Level 3: Advanced Hip-Hop Tricks course that her hard work ethic, dedication, and technique inspire continual improvement in her dance students.


The course includes:

  • A warm-up
  • Conditioning and stretching exercises
  • Russian
  • Rubberband
  • Rotating rubberbands
  • Aerial twist
  • Swipe roll down
  • Barrel tuck
  • Headspring to sitting position
  • Headspring twist
  • Tips and secrets

This course is designed for dancers and dance educators. This course focuses on specific skills to help dancers learn proper technique in bit-sized segments, with a breakdown of each skill, and practice cues. Plus, we incorporate the skills with other movements through exercises and combos. Dancers should have mastered skills from Level 2 before taking this course.

Dance teachers and coaches also love our courses because they give new ideas on how to teach these skills with new exercises and advanced combos. 

These advanced-level hip-hop tricks are sure to push you past your comfort zone, in the best way possible. Are you up for the challenge? In this course, you will continue to receive a detailed breakdown of each trick, as well as insights and tips that will help you shake the nerves and get over the fear of executing more complex skills. Practicing the lessons taught in this course will give you an enhanced understanding of both your body and abilities, so you can get the results you want with any trick, anytime, anywhere.

Once you have purchased the course you will have unlimited access to all course content--it never expires. In addition, you will have access to any course updates.

"I was skeptical that I wouldn’t get as much out of an online class as I did an in-person class, but I was wrong. These online courses are perfect for sharpening skills or learning new skills at home, or even on vacation. I am so glad I purchased these technique courses and can’t wait to continue to use them!"

Maura H.

"“Dance Labs is simply amazing! I can't say enough great things about this program, it is a life changer for dancers! Dance is an escape for my girls and during the pandemic it has helped my dancers do what they love, straight from our home! If you don't have this program for your dancer, buy it you will absolutely love it!!”"

Alecia B.

"Dance Labs courses are a concise and effective training tool for both dancers and instructors. As a teacher myself, it is so nice to be able to learn from other teachers and I am always so grateful for fellow teachers who share their insight and knowledge. "

Holly S.

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LEVEL 3: Advanced Hip-Hop Tricks Course


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