20% OFF: Step it Up (and Save) With Our Course Bundles

Whether you’re an instructor or aspiring dance star, there’s never been a better time to take charge of your dance progression. That’s why we offer our course bundles – so you can find your groove one step at a time.

The best part? Going for the bundle saves you 20% over the individual courses! And, you’ll have access to them for the life of the course in your dance library, so you can revisit and refresh whenever you want.

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Dance Tricks Bundle

20% Off

Level 1: Foundational Dance Tricks

Level 2: Intermediate Dance Tricks

Level 3: Intermediate/Advanced Dance Tricks

Level 4: Advanced Tricks

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Jazz Turns Bundle

20% Off

Level 1: Foundational Turns

Level 2: Intermediate Jazz Turns

Level 3: Advanced Jazz Turns

Level 4: Elite Jazz Turns

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Leaps + Jumps Bundle

20% Off

Level 1: Foundational Leaps + Jumps

Level 2: Intermediate Leaps + Jumps

Level 3: Advanced Leaps + Jumps

Level 4: Elite Leaps + Jumps 

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Aerials Bundle

20% Off

Side Aerials Course

Front Aerials Course

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Hip-Hop Tricks Bundle

20% Off

Level 1: Foundational Hip-Hop Tricks

Level 2: Intermediate Hip-Hop Tricks

Level 3: Advanced Hip-Hop Tricks

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